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The articles introduced below seek to address the most often asked questions coming out of many years in private counselling and public seminars throughout New Zealand. You are welcome to spend as long as you like reading and considering each article, and hopefully, finding solutions and freedom along the way that you may have only dreamed of until now.

More often that not, we don’t feel like forgiving those who wrong us, but forgiveness has nothing to do with our emotions. It is a choice and therefore involves the decision making part of our souls, called the will.

When thinking about suicide, it is vital to know that only the body ceases to exist upon death. The soul and spirit remain alive, because they are eternal, and cannot cease to exist.

Love deficits
In our secular society, love generally seems to be understood as a behavioural pattern that includes some form of sexual interaction - be this between opposite genders, the same genders, or even humans with animals.

Getting free of demons
A Christian does not pick up a demon by accidentally bumping into one as he or she goes down the street. Demons gain access by a number of clearly discernible routes.

Unforgivable sin
To be convinced of having committed an unpardonable sin against God is a cause of great despair amongst many who believe they are, or at least once were, Christians.

Look at some of the things that happen in our societies in relation to children: Witchcraft abuses, pornography exploits, divorces orphan, incest betrays, abortion kills.

Hearing God speak
The art of communication is difficult, with many voices crowding our lives and demanding our attention, but there are really only three that matter most - the voices of God, ourselves and Satan.

Rejection produces a twisted form of wounding in us, which almost always has nothing to do with the original cause. Its roots are often shadowy and vague, and can prove most elusive to locate.

Albert Pike, once 'Sovereign Grand Commander of the Supreme Council of Grand Sovereign Inspectors General of the Thirty-Third Degree', writes in one of his books: 'Every Masonic Lodge is a temple of religion and its teachings are instructions in religion.'

We seem to fight constantly with desires that we know are neither right nor good for us. Time after time we end a day in misery and humiliation because of the stupid things we have done. Why?

Our spiritual ancestry
Every one of us is a recipient of many influences from outside sources that have often far reaching effects upon our lives. Our speech, behaviour, attitudes, career and quality of health can all be moulded without our even being aware such things are happening. These influences can be dangerous.

The Bible teaches that every one of us is born into the citizenship of Satan's kingdom, and therefore comes under his rulership.

How we are made
The Bible teaches that we are made in three parts - spirit, soul and body. Likewise, our souls also have three parts - will, mind and emotions. So, which is supposed to be in charge, and which usually is?

The kingdom of Satan - part 1
The Bible teaches that there are two spiritual kingdoms operating on planet earth. The Kingdom of God, and the kingdom of Satan. The Old Testament reveals God's instructions concerning Satan's kingdom.

The kingdom of Satan - part 2
When Jesus appeared in Israel he came into a society established in evil. Demonic activity was openly operating. Jesus not only dealt with it all, he also gave us keys as to what to do.

Healing the violated soul
Violation occurs to the soul whenever something happens to it that is sin, causing broken-heartedness, mourning, suffering, sorrow, weakness and turmoil.

Our bodies
The Bible teaches that we are three part beings, made up of spirit, soul and body. The spirit and the body have similar functions.

The power of blessing
Control and release cannot work together, and God’s kingdom principle has always been to allow his creation to make choices for itself. However, choices have consequences.

Relationship & Authority
Wherever we go in creation we will find these two principles working together. Indeed, one will never be found without the other.

The counsellor
To become involved and successful in counselling we need to understand and practise a number of truths.