Chains small

Index - breaking the chains

wisdom from the Bible for conquering our problems

The unforgivable sin
blasphemy against the Holy Spirit
Getting free of demons
learning self-deliverance
Hearing God speak
learning how to recognise God's voice
dealing with attacks on our values
Love deficits
dealing with attacks on our acceptability
the bad news and the good news
so much confusion, controversy and emotion
Our spiritual ancestry
how the choices of our ancestors affect us
a command, not a choice
Relationship & Authority
all creation operates under these two principles
why it is so hard to stop being 'bad'
The kingdom of Satan - part 1
what God teaches from the Old Testament
The kingdom of Satan - part 2
what God teaches from the New Testament
is Freemasonry compatible with Christianity?
connecting to God
How we are made
learning about ourselves
Healing the violated soul
we are complex beings - easily broken
Our bodies
what about our 'second' body?
The power of blessing
blessed or cursed - our choice
The counsellor
counselling involves three persons, not two